Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies

I love love LOVE baking! Almost as much as I love love love LOVE eating baked goods! πŸ˜€

My favorite blog to follow is Sally McKenney’s from SallysBakingAddiction.com. Nearly every recipe I have ever made from SBA (Sally’s Baking Addiction) has been a hit – so I rarely diverge when it comes to homemade treats. Some of my favorite recipes from SBA include:

For the past few years I have put Sally’s cookbooks on my Christmas and so sadly that is where they remained. On the list. So when I heard Sally was coming out with her third book, Sally’s Cooking Addiction, just in time for fall, I was ecstatic and pre-ordered it from Amazon. Last Monday the book arrived so I picked out two recipes to try this week. The first was her Big Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies and the second was the Pumpkin Spice Sugar cookies.

In the book, the Pumpkin Spice Sugar cookies looked ADORABLE! She decorated the pumpkins in three festive colors with royal frosting. They reminded me of the season-themed sugar cookies from Starbucks.

I have never used royal icing before, so I thought this would be a fun challenge and learning experience. Needless to say the first batch was not pretty. The cookies turned out great but the frosting was a hot mess. At first I made the frosting too thick, then by the time I figured out the correct consistency, the icing would come out the top end of the frosting bag as I piped the frosting onto the cookies, causing all the cutely decorated cookies to be topped with random blobs of icing. I only had one successful beautiful cookie.


(The Beautiful Lone Cookie)

I was so proud of this one cookie and truly felt that I had learned many lessons about royal frosting so I was determined to make a second batch that would be much improved.

Indeed my second batch was a hit! I had learned a new skill through my practice and now consider myself a fairly decent royal froster. The cookies were shared with family over the weekend with raving reviews about how delicious and darling they were.




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